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Our Hockey programs consists of one individualized program...

  1. Hockey Skills - Ages 7-14

Hockey Skills program consists of four parts...

                 Part 1 - Power Skating

                 Part 2 - Puck Skills

                 Part 3 - Body Protection & Checking

                 Part 4 -  Program Fusion

** Players are grouped by age and usually a 5:1 ratio (where appropriate) and our instructors work at each player's level within the grouping.



Please Note:  Suggested ages for programs are used as a guideline. Older students can register for our hockey skills program if they need to focus on their fundamentals. 

Younger students should not be pushed too quickly unless their caliber or birth date suggests different.

All programs may vary according to school location, number of students, instructors modifications, etc....we appreciate your understanding and flexibility.

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